We have addressed the most common questions and issues

+ Will there be an increase in traffic and parking in the local area, particularly at school drop-off times?

+ Will The Swan School pupils travel from outside of the immediate local area and, in turn, increase traffic on neighbouring streets?

+ How will the safety of cyclists using Marston Ferry Road cycleway be maintained, when crossing the proposed road access to The Swan School?

+ What will be done to stop school staff and parents accessing The Swan School parking on neighbouring residential streets?

+ Will a Controlled Parking Zone be implemented in the streets neighbouring the school to ensure that they are not used as parking for schools staff and parents?

+ Will the boundary fences allow through access between the schools?

+ Will the proposed access arrangement for the Swan School cause additional congestion on Marston Ferry Road?

+ Will the loss of land by St. Nicholas School have an effect on the wellbeing of the pupils?

+ Will the local sewerage system have the capacity to cope with extra demand from the proposed new school?

+ With the proposed staggered drop-off times for the schools, will this arrangement make a difference as many parents are likely to have pupils at both schools and would 'hang around' in the intervening period?

+ Will The Swan School be ready in September 2019?