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Do you support our plans to meet the projected need for school places in Oxford by building The Swan School, whilst providing new facilities for Meadowbrook College and St. Nicholas Primary School?
We are proposing a separate dedicated access road for The Swan School off Marston Ferry Road. This is to avoid any impact on residential streets used to access St. Nicholas Primary School and Meadowbrook College. Do you welcome this?
A significant proportion of students in Marston and the surrounding area currently do not receive a place at their first choice of secondary school. Do you think it is important that this is addressed?
Are you a parent of pupil(s) that currently attend St. Nicholas Primary School or Meadowbrook College, or likely to attend either institution in the foreseeable future?
Are you a parent that is likely to seek a secondary school place (11 to 18 years) in Oxford for your child(ren) in the foreseeable future?
Do you have any other comments on the plans?
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